As riders, we need to consistently nourish our minds, bodies & spirits.

I know how refreshing it can be when ... I'm frequently reminded of insightful ideas ... learn new things ... and stay inspired.

I also know I like the ideas to be short and sweet! 

Because inspirational reminders help us all keep growing (and support us during the tough times), I wrote 100 short free messages to inspire you daily for 100 days. They include mental game tips, personal meaning reflections, as well as physical & horsemanship tips. 

There's nothing to buy. It's all free. The inspirations arrive daily in your email inbox. It's easy to sign up. Just click a blue button on this page.

I wish you great success, fun and confidence with your horse journey. Enjoy!

Barbra Schulte

"Barbra, Loving this new program of daily inspiration!! Thank you for developing it. Perfect way to start the day! Just right! Thank you," ~Fay

I signed up to receive your "just for today" emails. The quotes resonated with me & I began writing them down in a journal. Last week, I competed .... After a disastrous 1st day, I woke up on Day 2 & told my husband I wanted to load up & go home. I was in over my head & had no business competing at such a big show. He told me he'd go feed the horses to give me some time to think about it. I pulled out my journal & reread your daily thoughts. I decided I had to stay. With focus, I won 1st, 2nd and 4th in my class. I was ecstatic!! ~Tara

"So perfect today and everyday. Thank you." ~Ashley

"Started this eating program, along with a boot camp work out at the gym 8 weeks ago as a challenge with my adult children. I am down 15#'s, 13", and 5% body fat. Keep going :) " ~Janet

Barbra Schulte ...

Her journey began in Southern Illinois growing up on her parents' ranch with 400 horses. Through multiple career and life adventures, Barbra has always been driven by a singular passion ~ to help riders grow their confidence. She is a Personal Performance Coach, Publisher of online programs, Cutting Horse Trainer, Clinician, Author and Speaker. She is an Honoree in the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame and the National Cutting Horse Association Member's Hall of Fame. She was awarded the National Female Equestrian of the Year Award given by the AQHA and Women's Sports Foundation.